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Student Placements

At Edge 360 we welcome student volunteers or those searching for a placement to aid their studies.


We provide 1-2-1 training and support for students joining us and offer development programmes and the ability to gain exposure with dealing with the many services that we operate closely with on a weekly basis, this includes: maternity unit, domestic abuse, mental health, credit claims, prison services, GP appointments, Rehab and Supporting families.


We ask that students join us with an open mind, our residents are all facing different challenges and lead chaotic lifestyles - We are here to support them and offer stability. 

Take a look at some of our student testimonials below. 

Interacting with residents - This includes making general conversation, watching tv, laundry, cooking etc.

Planning activities - Cooking nights, art and craft, movie nights, baking.

Assisting residents with benefit claims - scheduling meetings with services, updating online platforms.

Onboarding new residents - House tour, preparing bedrooms, general settling in. 

Working with our local services - Providing updates on tenants to local services. 

Ensuring house rules are implemented -Cleaning of communal areas and bedrooms, curfews etc.

We offer training and support to all of the students that join us, we have multiple staff members working 24 hours, so there will always be an experienced team member with you that can offer assistance and answer questions that you may have. At Edge 360 we provide you with the ability to take on as much or as little responsibility as you feel comfortable with. We want our students to get stuck in with daily tasks and challenges we face, but also want you to feel confident and supported in each aspect.

Your Responsibilities:

Student Testimonials 

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